Monday, June 10, 2013

Helga's cake creation has completed one successful year of offering joy and happiness by designing cakes to accommodate one's need from the young to the elderly.

Helga's passion and will power to deliver the best is everything she should be credited for her success and the positive comments that has been applauded by customers to well wishers.

To start something with just an idea, where there is a passion and expand with word of mouth is a great achievement in a span of 12 months with three reviews on the print media.

Today I can proudly say that Helga's cake creation has for certain created ripples within the trade, appreciation by many to jealousy by few, but for Helga it is to create something NEW & CHALLENGING that can light up a " kid's eye" or a youngsters "WOW" to an elderly expression stating "that's something new"

K2K & I would like to wish Helga's cake creation all the very best, a prosperous year ahead with exciting new creations.

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